Rugged Consoles for Submarines

Mechanical Chassis Cabinet
Mechanical Rack Assembly
Desktop Assembly

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Automatic Test Equipment is being developed for various applications like mission critical customized Power Supplies, wiring Harness testing, PCB testing.

Block Diagram of ATE
Front View
Rear View
Power Supply Unit

Holographic Weapon Sight

It is a weapon mounted system for aligning the targets with precision, speed and accuracy. It enhances the response time of weaponry as sight can be operated with both eyes open and hence it facilitates increased peripheral vision and parallax free image.

Zoom Thermal Imager Assembly (21 x)

It is a continuos Zoom based IR Imaging Thermal Camera which is defence vehicle mounted and is used to see the objects in pitch dark conditions. The image is generated and viewed based on thermal temperature variations of the object. This assembly is based on the synchronised discreet motion of the lens and IR imaging.