Pneumatic Compressed Fixture
for plug Assemblies
(Self Designed)
Hydraulics Crimping Tools
Ferrule Printing
machine - MAX, Japan
Ferrule Printing Machine - Tyco, USA

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We manufacture junction box and jumper plugs assemblies for metro car like Driver Trailer Car, Trailer Car and motor Car application.

Junction Box & Junction Plug assemblies manufacturing facility are equipped with semi-automatic pneumatic compressed fixture, Hydraulics crimping Tools, Ferrule Printing machines & Electronics Test equipment's.

Manufacturing Equipments

Testing Equipments

  • Pneumatic Compresse Fixture for plug Assemblies (Self Designed)

    Total length: 2700 mm
    Air Pressure: 6 Kg / cm2
    Compressed length: 300 mm

  • Hydraulics Crimping Tools

    Make: Enerpac,Germany
    Model: RHC131 - LN
    Crimping: 10 Sq mm to 400 Sq mm
    Pressure: Max 10,000 PSI

  • Ferrule Printing machine

    Make: Tyco, USA; Model: M212
    Make: Max, Japan; Model: Letatwin

  • Multimeter

    Make: Agilient, USA; Model: U1252B
    True RMS AC, AC+DC Measurements
    0.025% basic dev. Accuracy.
    CAT lll 1000V & CAT lV 600V, Over voltage protection.

  • Digital insulation Tester

    1 R Measurement from 10 K ohm to 999 M ohm
    Low Resistance Measurement from 0.01 ohm to 99.9 ohm

  • High voltage Tester

    Input 240 Volt +/- 70 Volt; Output 0 - 15 KV / 100 mAMP.

  • Digital clamp Meter

    Make: KYORITSU, Japan; Model: 2003 A
    up to 1000 Volt Ac & 750 Volt Dc.
    Current up to - 2000 Amp.

  • Regulated Power supply

    Range: 0 - 300VDC; Current: upto - 5 Amp

  • Digital Vernier Caliper

    Make: Mitutoyo, Japan; Range: 0 - 300 mm.