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Neera Agrawal

Neera Agarwal's idea of profession is to work for passion, the passion for social issues, the passion for uplifting the underprivileged and the passion, which is 'Business Not for Profit', but to sustain 'Business for Profit' by being employee-centric and welfare oriented.

Working in the capacity of Director , she supports Corporate Social Responsibility and is committed to the Company's obligation towards the well-being of society and for uplifting the underprivileged.

Her corporate initiatives include a 10-minute meditation break for all during work hours for de-stressing; 'Free Food Culture' for employees; greening of the premises; and protection of the environment. Globally travelled, she always endeavours to incorporate the best.

She is also a publisher of an English quarterly magazine 'Inspire', aimed at minimizing the gap between the young and old.

Ankur Narayan Agarwal

An optimistic youth with hands on approach, working as Head-Corporate Affairs, makes unthinkable happen. MBA from Birmingham City University, United Kingdom, he displays a proactive approach in introducing latest global technologies into the Indian industry.

He has a keen eye on product creation and commercialization with a priority on progressively evolving brand enhancement. Responds to technology shifts and transforms it into strategic business development, laying maximum emphasis on research and quality.

Widely travelled, he has visited a number of countries including USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Israel, Korea, Singapore etc. in connection with new technologies, investments and securing strategic alliances. He has special interest in developing business in the fields of Defence & Aerospace and is well versed in Defence Procurement Policy, Offset rules & regulations etc.