Manufacturing Facility


Versatile CNC machines and other specified mechanical equipment for milling, boring, drilling, contouring etc.

4-Axis Vertical Machining Centre 
(X=425, Y=580, Z=510mm to X=1600, Y=800, 
Z=1000mm) Travel Resolution: 0.001mm (1 Micron)

Electro-mechanical Assembly Set-up

CNC Turning Centre 
Capacity: Ø0.5 to Ø4.00 mm & Length: 0.1 to 500mm 
Travel Resolution: 0.001mm (1 Micron)

CNC Wire cut & EDM centre

Wire-cut Machine: X-400mm, Y-300mm, Z-250mm, Dia-UV22 
CNC EDM Machining Centre: Table Size: 650mm x 400mm, 
Dimension: X-400mm, Y-300mm, Z-350mm 
3 Max Metal Removal Rate: 390mm /min

Tap changer

Tap Changer assembly area

Double Pole Bushing Production Area

Tap changer testing area


State-of-the-art welding (TIG/MIG)