Philanthropy Notched-up

Not so often do we come across people in our daily life to whom love for humankind comes naturally and whose commitment to the cause is unwavering, but when we do it certainly feels like a breath of fresh air.

Dr AK Agarwal, for whom philanthropy is an intrinsic part of his own being, is reasonably and justifiably counted and considered one among them. His reasons for being on the vanguard of practising philanthropy have always been kindness and concern for the common good. Moreover, he is backed by charitable mental disposition of so many of his past generations who have been involved in philanthropy in a humble manner.

Dr Agarwal, a man of many parts, has always remained invested in charitable causes and shepherding several other sustained efforts to improve the health landscape, well being of humankind and eliminate social problems for as long as he can remember. He helms a non-commercial charitable organisation, an endeavour which is committed to providing a decent and quality education and the related paraphernalia to poor, orphan and disadvantaged children. There can be no better gift to a child than to equip him or her with a good education, and no one understands this better than he does.

He is also the force behind one more non-governmental orgnanisation that is at the forefront in providing succour to the ailing and the elderly through a sick bay, making available to them dietary supplements and other healthcare products and devices as well.

As his wont, Dr Agarwal has launched a startup of wellness products making and distribution firm Nicki Naturiser India LLP and which will be fully operational and provide by March 2020 health retrieving and enhancing products to those who are in need and those who rightly deserve them. The company will be committed to spending one-third of its profit on providing its health products to ailing and suffering people.

The company will be professionally managed, backed by scientists and a well-equipped manufacturing plant and a test laboratory. The company will have collaborations with world renowned organisations in their respective fields.

Dr AK Agarwal strongly believes that this company, which is partially charitable will humbly augment the resources required to fulfil the United Nation 2030 agenda for Sustainable development of good health and well- being, among others.